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The à la carte menu of Ristorante Monferrato varies daily, below you can find some of the specialties that may be on the menu, depending on their availability.

Seasonal appetizer mix
(stuffed peppers, savory flan, polentina, etc…….)

Savory vegetable flan with fondue and black truffle

Porcini mushroom puff pastry with parmesan fondue

Savory bell pepper pudding with anchovy sauce 

Marinated rabbit with vegetables                   

Ceasar’s mushroom salad with a soft-boiled egg 

Steak tartare in local style from fassone beef 

Thinly sliced local beef served raw with celery and Castelmango cheese crumbles               

Poached egg with polenta, fondue, and white truffle

Puff pastry filled with tongue, patè, and black truffle

Cold veal with tuna sauce

Spicy chicken livers with polenta crackers     

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon with butter curls and toast

Local snails in a Borgognona wine sauce

Mashed salted cod with herbs on slabs of toasted white polenta 

Eel marinated and fried in local style       

from € 10.00 to € 18.00

Tagliolini pasta with porcini mushrooms

Agnolotti – local veal ravioli in gravy

Ricotta and herb filled Cappellacci pasta in butter and thyme

Small pork and veal ravioli in butter and sage

Little ricotta gnocchi with shrimp and courgette flowers

Corn Tagliatelline pasta in a local beef and barbera wine ragu 

Barolo wine risotto from Carnaroli rice

Braised beef ravioli in local style

Anolini pasta with fondue and white truffle

Gnocchi in a Castelmagno cheese sauce

Onion soup au gratin

Pasta and beans

from € 9.00 to € 16.00

Oven-roasted beef plate

Grissinopoli (milk veal cutlets breaded with grissini crumbs)

Pan-fried suckling pig filets with black truffle

Beef braised in Barolo wine with stewed onions and polenta  

Fassone beef steak with juniper berries and a Brazilian sauce 

Grilled ribs of lamb

Fried calf brains with toasted courgette flowers

Classic Torinese meat stew

Grilled sirloin steak (min order 2)

Val d’Aosta style fondue with white truffle and toasted bread

Wild boar stew with polenta

Tripe served in local style

Loin of milk veal sauteed with porcini mushrooms

Fish of the day: Swordfish, Sole, Sea Bass, Amberjack, Tuna, etc…..

from € 15.00 to € 30.00

Assortment of typical cheeses from the Piemonte region:

Castelmagno d’alpeggio, Murianengo, Roccaverano, Murazzano, Testun, Montebore, Roccolo, Gorgonzola naturale, Verzin, Maccagno, Raschera, Paglierina, tomino di Melle ecc……..           

served with chestnut honey and a variety of jams

€ 12.00

Desert Cart:

  • Bunet delle langhe – a typical local pudding
  • Tiramisù
  • Meringue floating on crème anglaise with  chantilly cream
  • Candied Oranges
  • Panna cotta 
  • Tarte Tatin – French style apple tarte 
  • Torronata torinese – local style of Torrone nougat served with hot chocolate
  • Meringue with candied chestnuts
  • Bicerin Cake
  • Cheese Cake 
  • Fresh fruit tarts
  • Chocolate and pear cake
  • Creme caramel
  • Mixed berries with gelato
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapple
  • Fruit compotes made in house: Peach, cherry, apricot, plum.
  • Pears stewed in red wine and cinnamon
  • Gelato flavors from Menodicotto

 prices depending on portion size and quantity   € 5.00/10.00